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YUTU in Mandarin language translate to "Joyful Journey" and true to the meaning of our brand name, our mission statement has evolved to provide ‘simple happiness’ to families.

Our Purpose is to develop Confidence, Compassion, and Empathy in our children through fun & play!

YUTU Celebration has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of families to help make their dream celebration a memorable event. 

Our ongoing commitments are based on families’ feedbacks ~ listen attentively to your needs, guide and support you through the entire planning process, then exceeding your expectation with the aim of families creating long lasting happy memories ~

Children Theme Parties continues to be our focus but overtime, we have evolved into all forms of celebration  ~18th & 21st, milestones celebration, Anniversaries, and we have worked with businesses to customised party decorations with its logo imprinted for their corporate functions. 

"Joyful journeys come from appreciating the simple things in life and finding time to celebrate with your love ones, especially during these difficult times."
~ Rena ~ 

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