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There is nothing more pure than the simple happiness that children bring to our lives.  The idea of working with parents to make their special occasions memorable is what drives me.   I love the challenge of making families' celebration come to live and I pride myself on the finer details to ensure we always over deliver!


We started on our journey to save parent's time and effort and soon realised that is the by product of any services.  What we strive to achieve now is much more relevant to the families ~ creating a life time of happy memories with love ones ~ 

While working with over a hundred families, we have developed relationships with key vendors and created specific methods to help guide you through your birthday planning for a love one.  What you are after is the end result, the joyful celebration with friends and family.  However to get there, there are many decisions you have to make, from choosing a venue, to food catering, invitation designs, to the actual set ups.  This is where you can leave it with us.  Our primary concern is to LISTEN to what you are after, we will provide you with suggestions to venues, food provider, photographer, entertainer, and we will be in constant communication right from the beginning.


we are working at creating budget friendly DIY packages that will consist of YUTU Celebration's unique aesthetic styling, together with ease of use through live demonstrations, backed up by our renown customer service that will ensure your party is successful and memorable!

We have met a few parents along the way that has a creative flair and planned their own birthday parties for their little ones.  We are able to provide for these families with budget friendly items that are hard to source here in Australia, items that are aesthetically pleasing to complement their setup.

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