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We are fortunate to be living in Australia's sunniest capital city.

Perth is a combination of urban cool with raw natural beauty.

We have one of the world's largest and most beautiful inner city parks.

~Did you know Kings Park is 60 hectares larger than Central Park?!~  

We are blessed with a great outdoor lifestyle and it would be a crime if we do not take advantage of our surroundings and celebrate plenty!

Picnic Settings

Our recent Valentines Picnic promotion has reaffirmed my personal belief that celebrating anniversaries and special occasions are key ingredients to obtaining simple happiness.  The pure joy and happiness was on full display from a young couple, a new couple, and a married couples.  Their bond is further accentuate by the romantic environment provided from our alluring picnic settings.  I for one dislike spending money!  But Rena has always remind me that money can be earned back, however important things in life, such as life experiences and a loving relationship, require dedication and effort in order to gain memories that last a life time.   Who do you think is wiser here ?!

Special Requests

Are you a hopeless romantic? hats off to you if you are!  Whether you are celebrating your partner's milestone birthdays/ anniversaries, or looking for a romantic environment to impress your partner, we are here to make sure your request is met! We understand that the 'little touches' is what makes the whole experience different for your partner and yourself.  If you have any specific request, let us know ahead of time and we will make sure to have it ready upon you arriving.

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