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Children Theme Parties continues to be our focus! 

However simple happiness spans across all walks of life and overtime we have expanded our celebrations to different joyous occasions 

~ 18th & 21st, milestone celebrations, Anniversaries ~

1st Birthday

There is something special about 1st birthdays...  It is an achievement on its own. The experience of celebrating your child's first birthday is  unique and memorable, words alone can not describe the experience.  It is being new parents that you can truly appreciate this joyous occasion.

We started off on our journey thinking saving families time and effort was our mission.  However during these difficult 24 months being apart of over a hundred different celebrations, we realised that our true mission is to help create simple happiness for the families by establishing an eventful and memorable celebration for their little one!


It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 21, your parents will still think of you as their little child.  They will look across at you while you are celebrating with pride and joy.  You will now go on many more adventures, trying and experiencing many new things!  And your parents will be wishing you the happiest of journey into your adult hood!

While 18th & 21st are not our forte we have come to realise the importance of these milestones from your parent's view.  Which is why we have extended our setups to include designs such as golden shimmer wall, and we will continue to design new themes based on your specific requirements!

Like Fine Wine
I Get Better With time

Some of the most interesting and genuine people I know are folks with life experience.  You really learn a lot by listening to their life experience and life story.  These fine wine are special members of their family and friends.  It is the family and friends that contact us to create something memorable, to showcase their love, and to honour their achievement through life.

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