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The idea of creating something out of nothing excites me!

The feeling of satisfaction when the setup becomes a reality and the desire to exceed our family's expectation...

These are what drives me to stay motivated and innovative!

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One of the greatest communication skills is 'Active Listening' and we have been commended on several occasions of our ability to do so.  It starts with an enquiry, where we will gather further information to provide you with a rough planning.  Open communication is practised throughout your journey with us.  It does not matter how big or small the job is, if you require catering, digital design, suggestions for venue, design set up ideas, photographer, or entertainers.  Leave it with us to research and plan in the background to make your ideal celebration come to live.  


One of our competitive offerings to our families is to provide Theme Party Customisation that is not readily available in the Australian market.  We have planned and designed a number of party themes for our families according to their specification and desires.  Looking for your children's name on a theme backdrop? have a specific cartoon that your children love and want it to be their next birthday party? We encourage you to be creative with your requests, anything is possible, and we love a good challenge!


*Bare in mind that a unique theme that requires sourcing globally requires 6-8 weeks from the time of your enquiry.  We will work with you closely, research and plan in the background, source materials, and have them shipped over.  Delays may occur due to COVID restrictions around the world*



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